Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just like how Aw Yong Kit bodoh-bodoh responded to Jacelyn when she shouted *OUCH* thought that she was calling him 'Aw' which we usually did. The whole class laughed at his blurness back then. That was almost two years back. Now, just pretend you saw something slimy and say "EeEEeEeee", who do you think is gonna respond to you? Waaallll...eeee

Oh Oh.. i'm about to witness a friend hitting jackpot (bird shit) and I'll go like "eeeeeeeeeeeee.." So so, I wanna watch WALL-E.

xoxo. lamoe me.

Makers of Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, & Toy Story, and I've watched the trailer so I guess it should be another interesting cartoon to watch. I loved the part where he held the alien's hand.... cute lil robot. Never fallen in love, living all alone and suddenly one day came..

Watch with me?



RVL said...

i'm there

choe's giving me passes


Darynne G said...

ouh cool. when i get the passes, ill see you there. lol