Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why Not Sanctuary?

Even though I was never a fan of Sanctuary, I do like having little fun there. Good music and good crowd anyway and it is obviously way nearer than Heritage Row. To top it all up with cheap and more parking with addition of free cover charge. Wouldn't I rather pay two bucks to park at The Curve where I can shop at flea market and have yummy dinner before party than to get myself stuck in KL's never-ending massive traffic then pay at least fifteen bucks for jockey? Not forgetting the chances of getting your ride stopped by the police and have alcohol tests...blablabla.. then ended up paying fifty bucks for bribery. Like waddafark? To sum it all up you could actually save fifty bucks or more if you were to party at The Curve with me. *winks* Not bad whad.. Just make sure someone fetches you home after that as you would most likely be dirt drunk like me the last two times. Dammit.


Colleen, one of my SHELL babes whom I stumbled upon when she was performing dances there.

Amirul aka Ami, who turns out to be Jolene's petbro. What a small world! blaH. He always bully me. I know la my alcohol tolerance is not as high as him, even then was because I putus cinta back when I drank with him at H2O wert. =_=ll


Some girls just went googoogaagaa over Tatt Wei. Just look at him, like a lil boy who started drinkin at five. He dislikes me by the way, because I couldn't stop teasing and making fun of him. It was fun okay!!??

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