Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chelsea Asia Tour 2008, The Faces & The Food

Mouth watering food was what we had. These were served for daily lunch, same menu, same taste. Don't you feel like grabbing a bite as well? mmm...yummm... *slurp* It was really good but was nothing compared to the hi-tea I had at Sunway hotel.

Then, I present you the FACES ..

Jim, I totally forgot that I've met him with Eu Vin at Scarlet. He's a cool guy, the Australians adores him so much that they offered him jobs upon completion of college. Congratulations! Not to mention that he proved his dancing skills at Coco Banana last night at our celebration party. Cheers.

Grace, my partner for the Singaporean VIPs. Alfred commented that we were damn fuckin persistent and annoying. hahah. TQTQ. Joseph stands on the right.

Alfred, the man behind the event. We kept stressing him over the smallest matters that he ran out of cigarettes. Then guess what? Cigarettes are no where to be found in the hotel, just the astrays. Way to go..

Wilson, oh-my-dear Son. The second time working with him. A great guy, he'd be the last person to hurt an animal, the first to poison Chelsea. Stups: "Yes MOM"

BONG! No, I don't mean the grass-bong. I meant his name, Bong. He's a talent in many local dramas and ads. Friendly guy.

On the right, Cherry, the Vietnamese. My room mate who cracked up the entire night with her funy conversations. She's actually my college mate whom I've never met. I found out about her boyfriend who was also on board working with us. hah. Smart move girl for hiding it from us.

Sam, he's like The Star. Don't know why, probably seen him on tv before. The first time I met him, he was all dressed up for an event, very stylish. Turns out that he lives near my place, one cool, quite knowledgable guy.

Jien, Hui Jing's hot boyfriend. He's very timid indeed. He needs to be approached in terms to make him converse. A charming one. I remembered how Hui Jing coudn't get off the phone every time at work because of him. tsk tsk.

Nofy, my another room mate, a very pretty Indonesian. She got offered a scholarship to study and work by her Indonesian VIPs. How cool! Yoon Mi, the Korean, the one and only person I had an argument with. My good intentions being turned into an insult to her. wtf? Go get laid. She apologised anyway, so scrap it.

Darynne's Note:

Happy Birthday to JoE.yEng & Eng Wei! lovelove!

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