Wednesday, August 6, 2008


After a long day in college today, I came home feeling restless . Yet, I did some research on my assignment and watched Ghost Whisperer on the television. You know.. munched a little this and that, then played this newly-bought dvd,

Harold & Kumar - Escape From Guantanamo Bay

..featuring John Cho (Harold) and Kal Penn (Kumar), mistaken for terrorists because of a Bong and a paranoid old lady, it is the new comedy of the year that cannot be missed! Hurry grab yourself a copy from the nearest dvd shop and don't bother waiting for it to be aired in the cinema as there were to many censored scenes. Strictly for eighteen and above, it givess you funky party ideas like Bottom-less Party and exposes you to the darkest secret of the top notch president of America smoking on pots. Let me just warn you in advance, watch it with your headphones on, when your parents' away, or whatever it is to keep your good reputation as you could be mistaken for watching pornography.

Ever seen the Smoking Cleopatra or the Smoking Geisha? Now you have!

Peek-a-bOO! How do yOu do! Let me give you, another bOoHOoO!

The Cyberview Annual Staff Get Together Night was held at Glenmarie Holiday Inn last Friday. hmm.. that place again. whatever and yeah! Why can't they just name it the Cyberview Annual Dinner?! So panjang-panjang names all sounded cooler is it? *scratches head* It was a costume party where it was compulsory for everybody to attend the event as movie characters. I was the Geisha without the white face. hah. The emcee was.. urhm.. Mr.. no.. Miss.. no.. urhm.. whatever lah.. the fella was scary alright? Lin said I was like a little thing standing next to her/him wherever him/her went. She couldn't stop addressing me as 'Jepun' ever since!

Joe was so stressed out the entire night but she sure looked sexy in that Saree. We had Rachel as Pirates, and the rest.. why not you guess!

Boy London! No, I meant his name, not his movie character. He tried to get me drunk the next day with his special edition liquors at Joe's birthday party but too bad, he failed. hehe.

Guess who?

I only remember a couple of their names, Eleen which I obviously know, Wan, Chicken and ... dunno the rest. =_=

Now this is the original Cicak Man. The Malaysian version of Spiderman. omfg.

~watashiwa Darynne :) ~


Josh Lim said...

I just watched Harold & Kumar: EFGB as well, like an hour ago. Great movie, and I didn't need to think too much! Then I saw your post, coincedence? Wow.

Btw, you're now up (or could I say, upside down) on the Advertlets Titan Widget! :)

Josh Lim

Darynne G said...

Oh really? Great minds think alike i guess? lol. I wanna watch their other mivies too.

Ads widget? I have no idea how on earth do you put tht thing on my blog. Couldn't find the codes man.. lol That shows what a noob i am..

Slots Type said...

I will know, many thanks for an explanation.