Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poppy Collection


Just a lil somethin somethin..

Surprisingly, I was pretty much sober last night. I mean, you know, the daily sinful dose, and my lil baby Lumix which sticks to me wherever I go just in case my desire of camwhoring comes out, like you know.. dotdotdot was not being used. As I was saying, I spent the whole afternoon rotting at home with nothing better to do while waiting for the Alcoholics call, then I decided to just grab Steffie to supper then home to rest since I've been having restless nights until pimples started popping. But I ended up at Poppy after some not-so-plesent moments at Velvet. It was one of the nights when the poppy collections best music were played. It was good.

Damn. JANICE! We so need to talk! Fast!

Okay.. so Khean was there without King, Steffie's friends as well, leavin Amirul and Blah uattended but they ditched us for Velvet later. My bad, boys. Hanging out by the DJ area the entire night while Steffie was busy doing her thang, I layaned myself until this dude who came outta no where and started his thing-lah. Grr. The peops in front of me was givin me that 'something wrong?' look and I find it quite funny. Turns out that they were Farhan, Harry and.. this other dude. Yeah, friends of my ex, ironically. They saved me, and bought another bottle thinking that I would stay and drink with them until 4. Alright, I admit that I may enjoy the daily dose of whisky but I had no choice but to turn them down after two glasses. I had to leave already, the big boy was waiting for us. Sorry guys..

Boy o boy, I did not put Baby Lumix to good use at all. Poor baby..

Blaaaaah! Everyone were so depressed lately. Boys.. Girls.. gee. I'm so not into that relationship commitment thing at the moment. I was just telling Ian this afternoon. I have too many other commitments that I do not want to throw myself into another problem which is really, really unnecessary.

Now, gimme some fun! I'm bored. Class at 10 later. I feel like going for a swim on Tuesday. >_< Mel..

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