Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life Goes On

1:12 in the morning. I should be in bed right now as I gotta be up for 8 o'clock class later, BUT, I wanna tell you bedtime stories first lar kay?

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Miss D. She has a lot of friends, a lot of crazy and dramatic friends. The Alcoholics, Drama Babies, Girly Girlfriends and last but not least, Emo Buddies.

Miss D missed Sex and The City last night because her Alcoholic friends dragged her to Black Hole for Tequila's. And yes, the three of them finished the whole friggin bottle of Jose Cuervo, slices of pizza with thick coated layer of mozzarella and never-tasted-so-good sambal ikan bilis. Sexy Amber a.k.a WY was there too with a group of friends, also Digital Mall Justin. Surprisingly, they three left sober. Unbelievable! Miss D would usually be on the floor by then, it must be the food and music. Perfecto!

Recently, Miss D has been hearing stories about this bunch of kids arguing about world's smallest things and making a big fuggin fuss out of it, then starts accusing one another. I realize how easy the life some parents provide their children that it spoiled them real bad turning them into wasted sperms. Come on, kids, be productive, don't disappoint your parents with your stupidity. tsk tsk tsk. Should not worry about relationships, gang fights, peer pressure, or what to wear to club this weekend, instead............ blah. No grandnanny lectures. All I'm trying to argue here is, life is made too easy these days. Where goes the challenges man?

Dear Girly Girlfriends, Miss D is still single but not available. Reason being she's so sick of boys breaking her heart every time she falls hard, having to see more perfect guys taken or turning gay, and has yet to find her Mr Right. Don't worry hunnay, you can ask her if you need to know anything, she will not hide from you. *winks* Miss D has recently started college again and struggling to fit everyone and everything in, so please, update her. Just because she doesn't ask, doesn't mean she doesn't care. She will always remember her beloved girlfriends. Oh btw, she's staying single also because she has a bet with Mr. David and Mr. Jeremy. lalalala~ I'm not buying them Starhill dinner... lalalala~

Emo Buddies, my o my. A special dedication to buddies of Miss D who are currently emo-ing about their life-relationship, financial, family, education and etc. Please bare in mind that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for every one of us, just have faith. It is just tests, obstacles that we all human being face, it's a phase in life that we cannot escape. Do share your problems with the trustworthy, you know, sharing is caring. Or you can share-share with Miss D too, she'll try her very best to crack up some lame jokes like Jonz's. Cool?? Cheer up, you guys are worthy, worthy of the better. Worse comes to worst, just pack your bags and hit the road for a lil getaway like how Miss D did before. It really helped. You know, it is always good to widen your horizon anyway.

You guys know who you are. All I can say is, Life is too short to worry about the unnecessary. Just smile as you stretches your body every morning and say "Hello Sunshine". Cheers baby.

I was watching The Mummy earlier and I swear I couldn't stop laughing that I annoyed the fella next to me as she kept turning to stare at me with that evil grin.


Tiduuurr..Ozzie Boozie

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