Thursday, August 7, 2008

Discrimination of The Lousy Management

No doubt TCPJ has the few of the best lecturers in town to educate scholars which I, as one of the scholars are satisfied of, but I believe every college has their flaws.

I find it so ridiculous having existing students in Taylor's College PJ to pay for the replacement of a new student ID lanyard. Like, hello? We are already paying five figures to the college for our courses and yet they can come up with charges for petty things like this. Parking in college cost at least RM4.00 and when it's during the raining season, we as vulnerable students have no choice but to get ourselves drenched in the rain to get to our cars across the streets. Now guess what? The parking lot there always get flooded and does the college pay for our losses? No! Parking availabilities in the college building itself is already so limited, they expect us to park at the jockey and pay RM7.00 daily? Enough that we often get remarks that Taylor's a money-sucking school, now, the college has just proved them right, again. Perhaps same goes to all private colleges but can't they provide better facilities to ease our pain? Alright, we could have brought umbrellas and yadda yadda but think we're that free to carry a stupid umbrella around like the 60 year old clerk rotting in the office? No way in hell baby. I think the problem lies in the management department and they should really reconsider all the problems that we students face. Afterall, our parents pay for their salaries and we, the opinion leaders effect decisions of friends who chooses their own education institutions. Hello? Ever heard of Two-Step-Flow? It's time to make some changes, or should I say, improvements.


RVL said...

its not an educational institution.. its a money making one..

chillout D

hows u btw?

Grace W. said...

Wow wei hui, suddenly you're all about CTR huh? don't play play man...haha!! =p I support you on this post!

Darynne G said...

heyya hairvl.. lol. college's been hectic and Euphoria totally rocks!

haha Grace.. it was true whad