Sunday, August 10, 2008


WOW! YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN! is gonna be aired soon. This is why I like joining blog ad networks, I get to enjoy watching the coolest movie previews! I could use some comedies right now to destress. *pheww* With the company of other bloggers on Tuesday. Uncle Josh and Nat, all should be there.. Oh, Hairvl too? Wait, I could do a movie marathon.. hmm. Up for it, anybody? Comedies all day long! Zohan HAS to be in it. Adam Sandler is just hilarious and I liked all the movies he acted in; I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, The Hot Chick, Mr Deeds, 50 First Dates and Click. Seriously, don't you think so? Since when was he not funny?

Ohmygawd.. eeeeew! He has an animal-shaped body! omgomg! LOL! The trailer seemed cool enough to make me wanna watch it. I so do not need a special hairdryer like his. I'm so lazy in person that I only blow my hair to get some volumes and I hardly even comb my hair! hah. My hair is smooth enough that I can easily comb through with just my short little fingers. xoxo. *self-praise* *flicks my hair left and right*

Updates on Joe's 26th, Kent Neo Launch and College Life coming up next..

The upcoming events in August?

-> Clive's Men Lifestyle Magazine House Party @ Poppy Garden

-> Levi’s 501 Live Unbuttoned Launch Party @ Ruums

If you've seen the latest Levi's commercial ad, it was mind-fuckin at the start, then.. just go watch it and I think it's pretty cool. Loosen up your top one and get unbuttoned as Joey G plays host to gigs by Hujan, Point Blanc, Joe Tribe and the winners of Levi’s 501 Next Song Writer contest with fabulous performances! It all ends withthe finale of an after-party and a mean DJ set by Lapsap. 7pm-12mn.

-> Freedom KL Festival @ Red Square (anybody have any idea where that is?)


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