Monday, August 4, 2008

Sausages Chasing A Fishball

Hey calling out to all CHELSEA die hard fans! Ever dreamt of standing right next to them, having them winked at you or at least give you a smirk? Well, if you haven't, it's totally cool. Really. Honestly, I'm not a fan of football. I just thought the players are oh-so-hot! Especially 'Decco', is that his name? The new hot Chelsea player? sssssss....ouch! oh oh... the goal keepers.. oooh~la~laa.. Don't you guys just envy their good looks, sexily toned and tanned body, fortune, fans, and admirers? Bet you do! What can I say.. I have yet to meet the MU, so until then, Chelsea it is! Now, lemme be bitchy and show this off to you..


Damn! should have thrown myself at him and make him do a pouting shot with me. ishish.

I'm feeling the heat, baby..


If it weren't for this cute chick, I wouldn't have gotten the pictures. ehehe..

Oh Thank you Thank you, you're far too kind..




UncleJosh said...

mana saya punya souvenirs? :P
yam cha lei~!

Darynne G said...

oh yah... hahah. when i see you lah. Chelsea Chelsea